The Annual Burns Dinner

In 1975 the band began hosting hosting an annual Robert Burns Dinner in 1975 in part to thank the Fair volunteers and to provide yet another venue for misplaced Scots and Anglophiles to once again get together.

The Burns Dinner hosted by the band ended up outlasting the fair by many years, the last was held in 1998. The Dinner has tkane on a life of its own, away from the band. The and is glad to have passed the reigns on to the Friends of Robbie Burns, an assoication of former members and friends of the First Highland Watch who did not wish to see this dinner end.

Piper Major Boyd Retires

The band began a subtle transformation when in 1980 Pipe Major Henry Boyd retired. This change began the transofmration that would have an effect on the bands present competition efforts. With PM Boyd retiring, the band selected a young piper, Jeff Clarke to take the PM position of the band.

The Governor's Own First Highland Watch of Pennsylvania

Because of the success of the Scottish Fair, the Watch began a long relationship with many politicians who served the state of Pennsylvania. With the games so close the November elections it became a frequent stop for many of the states representatives. It was during one of these stops that a friendship was developed with now US Congressman James Greenwood. This friendship led to the then State Senator presenting a declaration to the State House which made the Watch the PA Governor's Official Pipe Band. Something made firm when then Governor Dick Thornburgh reviewed the band and presented them with a state flag and the declaration.

This relationship continues today with the band last being used during Governor Thomas Ridge's first inauguration festivities.

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End of Year!

The Watch came on strong this year finishing 7th overall in the EUSPBA Grade 4 standings. The band is already hard at work preparing for next season.


If you are interested in learning the pipes or drums. Please click here.


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