After the band moved from its "Colonial Experiment", it moved into the competition arena.The band hired piper Marty Ferrick to teach the piping corps and help lead it into unchartered territory.

Under Marty's instruction the Watch entered band competition for the first time in 1994. The band enjoyed a successful first year in the EUSPBA's Grade 5, winning 4 out of the six contests it entered.. Because of this success the band was moved up to Grade 4.

In 1996, the band took 3rd place overall in the EUSPBA in Grade 4. Also Marty became more than the band's instructor, Pipe Major Jeff Clarke stepped aside to let Marty assume the Pipe Major's position.

Marty's tenure with the band lasted until just before the 2000 season when his son Ian Ferrick assumed the PM position. Between the two instructor/PMs the band developed a strong pipe corps and a solid sounding band overall.

In March 2001 Ian Ferrick unfortunately left the band to persue a career in Massachussetts leaving the band without a Pipe Major or instructor. At that time Rich Hall of Delmar and District assumed the instructor position with the band. 2001 was a lean year for the band with only 6 pipers and 2 snares. Musically however, the band was being turned in the right direction.

At the start of the 2002 season Rich Hall formerly took over the Pipe Major position with the band. With him new members came aboard and the band grew to 10 pipers and 4 snares. With Rich at the helm the band saw its best season in Grade 4 - finishing 7th out 56 bands.

The band's growth continues as the band has added Eric Knudsen to its roster. Eric assumes the lead tip duties from Michael Price . Eric, a Grade 1 drummer, was formerly the lead tip of Ulster Scottish.

Presently the band is a regular competitor in Grade 4 and is looking forward to its next season.

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End of Year!

The Watch came on strong this year finishing 7th overall in the EUSPBA Grade 4 standings. The band is already hard at work preparing for next season.


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